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In Our Blood: This project focuses on Earth, Water, and Sky.


In Our Blood, is the second photo exhibit this year by St. John's artist John Rao, exploring imagery and landscape of Newfoundland.

His most recent work, The Apostles, hung this past August also at The Masonic Temple. Recently, he co-directed Alice in Wonderland with Terri Andrews of Tada Events! and was seen in last season’s Republic of Doyle (2009), has created photography and design for a long list of local and national clients. Rao describes In Our Blood as new work “inspired by the land and sea that has given us so much and defines who we are as a people.”

“I remember when I lived in Ontario as a kid hearing so many family members longing to see the ocean while we were surrounded by what I considered home – the steel and concrete that makes up so much of urban “mainland” life. It wasn’t until we returned to Newfoundland and many years had passed that I realized how lucky I was to be able to walk or drive to breathe the clean air and bask in the beauty of the ocean.”

On the surface a complete departure from his last show (The Apostles) about his feelings on religion and its role in our lives, John sees these landscapes as a similar pursuit for truth. “There is something pure about simply trying to represent the land, the air, the sky, that so much other representational work, for me, does not possess. You are limited only by your frame and the weather of the moment.”

This purity that John speaks of is evident in a few pieces in particular: the title piece “In Our Blood” a depiction of the ocean approaching the shore as one wave makes its way to crash into the cliffs. Another, is a “portrait” of Tablelands. With no interruption of human hand, only earth and sky, the mountains inhabit the photo with an indomitable spirit.

John is particularly influenced by British visual artists the Pre-Raphaelites whose work was driven by the desire to capture pure detail and intense vibrant colors similar to Italian and Flemish work. William Holman Hunt’s “The Scapegoat” (1856) was of particular influence on “Tablelands – Here”.

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For a special preview of “In Our Blood” on the gallery page. All work will be available for purchase through the Masonic Temple.